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Our Skate Benches are one of the coolest things we offer! Any one of the three versions of benches you can choose from are guaranteed to be a good time. The last thing you’ll want to do with these, is sit your A@# down on them! There is a single bench, a split-level bench, and straight outta the trailer park, a big ol’ double wide bench for endless possibilities.


Each of the Skate Benches we offer come standard with the following features:

  • 5/8” thick, exterior grade plywood construction
  • Rock solid, 1 7/8” thick templates, completely pre-assembled
  • No 2 x 4 framing at all in any of the bench designs! This ensures a straight, level bench that will last a long time!
  • 1 ¼” thick recycled plastic lumber bench tops for a smooth, weather resistant ride
  • Exterior Grade Hardware
  • Complete and detailed assembly instructions


All of the Skate Bench Kits are 14” tall and 6’-0” long. The Split-Level Skate Bench has an upper level on half of the bench that is 18” tall. Get yourself an individual bench, or order a few of them. These things are made for stacking and are designed to create your very own Daewon set-up at home. The possibilities are endless!

Skate Benches


    All of our Kicker kits come standard with:

    • 5/8” thick plywood templates

    • 2 x 4 framing

    • 1 layer of 3/8” thick plywood sub-sheeting

    • ¼” thick Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing

    • CNC cut and drilled components ensure and accurate and easy fit

    • 12 ga. Galvanized steel threshold

    • Exterior grade hardware

    • Complete and detailed assembly instructions

    Hosoi Kicker Ramp Specifications

    Transition Kicker

    Height                         16”
    Width:                         24”
    Weight:                       75 lbs.
    Time to Assemble:    45 minutes
    Tools Needed:           Cordless Drill or Impact Driver

    Banked Kicker

    Height                         14”
    Width:                         24”
    Weight:                       70 lbs.
    Time to Assemble:    45 minutes
    Tools Needed:           Cordless Drill or Impact Driver


    - By Jamie Mosberg



    Back in the day, jump ramps taught me how to blast.

    At Ramparts we make 'em built to last and with twice the style.

    - Christian Hosoi

    Hosoi Photo & Video Gallery

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