The Fun Box Kits we build are the perfect centerpiece to your driveway park. This setup is made up of 2 of our larger banked Kicker Ramps (Big Momma!) that are 2’-8” wide. The center section is quick and easy to assemble and gives you 4’-0” of usable deck space. Add an 8” tall x 4’-0” Long Flat Bar to give yourself a complete tech set-up! When you need to store this tech masterpiece, you can easily disassemble it and stack it by removing only 8 screws!


As with all of our kits, the Fun Box Kits come standard with:

-          5/8” thick plywood templates

-          2 x 4 framing

-          3/8” thick plywood sub-sheeting

-          ¼” thick Finnish Birch top sheeting.

-          -12 ga. Galvanized thresholds

-          Exterior grade hardware

-          Complete and detailed assembly instructions


All plywood used in our ramp kits is exterior grade plywood and is all cut on a CNC router to ensure accuracy and an easy fit. Our 5/8” templates are available in ¾” thick exterior grade plywood as an upgrade.

If you want your ramp to last as long as possible, upgrade to ¼” thick Gatorskins Ramp Sheeting. This material is incredibly weather-resistant, available in several color choices, and is actually made for skateboarding!


There are no cutting corners here! We do it right, or we don’t do it at all!

Fun Box

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