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At Ramparts Premium Skatepark Kits, we only deal in quality! And to deal in a quality product that holds up to the elements, takes the beating from riders and maintains its incredible feel, you have got to have Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing!


The outdoor formula of Gatorskins in produced with the brown/tan color on one side and the green color on the other. Lay your favorite color facing up on your ramp  and you are ready to go!


What makes Gatorskins different...
The basic formula used to create composite panels for skateboard ramp surfacing has been in existence for over two decades. It consists of layers of paper, saturated with phenolic resin, then pressed and cured. With Gatorskins, we’ve simply taken a proven product, applied superior chemistry and achieved a much higher level of performance. Our panels are formulated to provide an optimal interaction with urethane wheels. Gatorskins grip when you need traction and slide when you don’t. This affords a level of control on tricks (reverts for instance) that is unlike any other surface you’ve ever ridden.

Our resin - produced in-house - is the secret sauce that sets Gatorskins apart. Our chemists are able to customize it to exact specifications, which results in the optimum density, hardness, flexibility, and level of grip. These are the factors that determine not only the durability of the product but the quality of the ride.


If you are picking up your Gatorkins Ramp Surface at the Ramparts facility, there is no extra charge.


**Freight quotes for material shipped directly to the customer will be sent separately upon completion of your order and are billed in addition to the material costs. **



    All of our Kicker kits come standard with:

    • 5/8” thick plywood templates

    • 2 x 4 framing

    • 1 layer of 3/8” thick plywood sub-sheeting

    • ¼” thick Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing

    • CNC cut and drilled components ensure and accurate and easy fit

    • 12 ga. Galvanized steel threshold

    • Exterior grade hardware

    • Complete and detailed assembly instructions

    Hosoi Kicker Ramp Specifications

    Transition Kicker

    Height                         16”
    Width:                         24”
    Weight:                       75 lbs.
    Time to Assemble:    45 minutes
    Tools Needed:           Cordless Drill or Impact Driver

    Banked Kicker

    Height                         14”
    Width:                         24”
    Weight:                       70 lbs.
    Time to Assemble:    45 minutes
    Tools Needed:           Cordless Drill or Impact Driver


    - By Jamie Mosberg



    Back in the day, jump ramps taught me how to blast.

    At Ramparts we make 'em built to last and with twice the style.

    - Christian Hosoi

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