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They say the Devil is in the details…


The Grind Rails we offer have those details covered! And then some. We offer 3 different rails, and they each have the same great features that set them apart from the cheap knock-offs out there on the market. You can get yourself a Round Rail, made from 2” sch. 40 coping (the same rock-solid steel used in the Quarter Pipe and Half Pipe Kits), a 2” x 2” Square Grind Rail, or a 3” x 1 ½” Rectangular Grind Rail.


Each of the Grind Rails we offer feature the following standard features:

  • CNC Laser cut base plates
  • Each rail is height adjustable from 8” tall to 13” tall
  • Grind Rail leg uprights are cut on a CNC Tube Laser to ensure perfect hole alignment
  • Unique base plate design shows no visible welds on the base, and is welded in a way that ensures the rail will not rock on the ground from a warped base plate (Details my friend!)
  • Solid welded construction
  • Rubber foot pads to keep this thing in place, no matter where you take it!
  • Easy to remove height adjustment pin that stays in place when it’s supposed to
  • Powder-coated paint finish that will keep you grinding rust-free for a long time!


Pair with a Grind Box or Skate Bench for your own home skatepark! 

Grind Rails

  • Square Grind Rail, 8'-0" Long shown in Blue


    Rectangular Grind Rail, 8'-0" Long shown in Red


    Round Grind Rail, 6'-0" Long Shown in Black/Orange 


    Round Grind Rail showing standard rubber, non-slip feet

All of our Kicker kits come standard with:

  • 5/8” thick plywood templates

  • 2 x 4 framing

  • 1 layer of 3/8” thick plywood sub-sheeting

  • ¼” thick Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing

  • CNC cut and drilled components ensure and accurate and easy fit

  • 12 ga. Galvanized steel threshold

  • Exterior grade hardware

  • Complete and detailed assembly instructions

Hosoi Kicker Ramp Specifications

Transition Kicker

Height                         16”
Width:                         24”
Weight:                       75 lbs.
Time to Assemble:    45 minutes
Tools Needed:           Cordless Drill or Impact Driver

Banked Kicker

Height                         14”
Width:                         24”
Weight:                       70 lbs.
Time to Assemble:    45 minutes
Tools Needed:           Cordless Drill or Impact Driver


- By Jamie Mosberg



Back in the day, jump ramps taught me how to blast.

At Ramparts we make 'em built to last and with twice the style.

- Christian Hosoi

Hosoi Photo & Video Gallery

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