The Kicker Ramp Kits are where all began! We started making kicker ramp kits to build at home as the answer to a simple, easy to assemble skate solution.


The first of our kickers stands 14” tall and is 2’-0” wide, and is designed to get you up and over just about anything you can put in front of it. It gives the perfect amount of added boost and can easily be thrown on an extra board and rolled through the streets with you.


We expanded the Kicker line from there, with a more mellow, banked kicker that is a bit easier going for those that are more towards the beginner side of things. 


Each of the 4 version of these kickers is also available in a 2’-8” wide version, and they all have the same great standard features you’ll find in every kit we sell.


All of our Kicker kits come standard with:

  • 5/8” thick plywood templates
  • 2 x 4 framing
  • 2 layers of 3/8” thick plywood sub-sheeting
  • ¼” thick Finnish Birch top sheeting
  • CNC cut and drilled components ensure and accurate and easy fit
  • -Galvanized steel threshold
  • Exterior grade hardware
  • Complete and detailed assembly instructions


Any of these kickers can easily be taken with you to wherever you might find a session. If you have the space or the friends to help you move it, you can pair with our Fun Box Kit and give your session a proper center set-up!


Upgrade to ¼” thick Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing on any of the Kicker Ramp Kits! Available in several color options, Gatorskins is weather resistant and made specifically for skate ramps!

Kicker Ramps

Height and Name
Skating Surface Options
  • Black Kicker shown is the 14" tall x 2'-0" wide banked Kicker Ramp (Ma!) with optional Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing.


    Grey Kicker Ramp shown is the 14" tall x 2'-0" wide transition Kicker Ramp (PoP!) with optional Gatorskins Ramp Surfacing.


    Light-colored Kicker shown is the 14" tall x 2'-8" wide banked Kicker Ramp (Ma!) with standard Finnish Birch surfacing. 


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